December 15: Sub-Only World Championships (PA)

2019 Sub-Only Pans Qualifier Tournament Schedule

(tournaments below are qualifiers for Sub-Only Pans)

January 5: NY Winter Classic (St. James, NY)

January 19: MD Sub-Only Championships

February 2: New York Open

February 9: Youngstown Open

February 16: Battle at Fernandina Beach

February 23: Nashville Challenge

March 9: Tournament of Brotherly Love (PA)

March 16: North Carolina BJJ Championships

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Submission Only Jiu Jitsu Competition:
A Cutting-Edge BJJ Tournament Format Designed For YOU!

Discover for yourself the most valuable tournament rules format that virtually eliminates the frustration experienced through losing a match by an unfair advantage, a bias referee
decision or by not being awarded points you've rightfully earned at:

The Good Fight: Submission Only Jiu-Jitsu Tournament!

Experience LIVE everything you've always wanted in a BJJ tournament...

"I am finally free to do Jiu-Jitsu again!" -David Sidlow

Our rules are simple! There are no points to earn, there are no advantages to gain, there are no referees to interefere with the outcome of your match. Basically, any frustration you've felt before by being ripped off at bjj tournaments is GONE!

Dear Competitor,

If you are like most bjj competitors, you're already convinced that our unique, but very simple tournament rules work. As is evident by the rave reviews we hear from competitors at EVERY tournament: they absolutely LOVE our rules format. BUT you likely might still feel a range of emotions that leave you wondering:

  • Will the tournament still start and end on time? (YES)
  • Will I have people in my division? (YES)
  • Will I still get enough matches to make it worth my while? (YES)
  • Is submission only safe for me and my kids (YES)

For more explanation to the above questions please read: Why Choose The Good Fight!

And worse, you might even be thinking that submission only is different and won't work for your 'game'!

Maybe you're watching others win 'big' point tournaments and want to experience that. No doubt, you are longing and working toward similar success for youself...

But here's the thing...The Good Fight can offer you that. Imagine being able to say I've submitted each and every one of my opponents to get to the top.

Here's something else to consider: submission only is the way you're already used to training...in class you slap hands, give a fist bump and start rolling...you stop once a sub occurs...they you might grab a new partner...and roll until you get a submission or get submitted yourself.

I undertand that it's easy to doubt yourself when trying something new like a sub-only bjj tournament. Somtimes you might think it won't be something you'll like. Or you might be wondering if this format will really work for your 'game.'

New ideas & new rules CAN be overwheliming, I understand that. And maybe you are wondering: "do I really want to try a submission only bjj tournament?"

If that's you then keeping reading:

You see, we want to put an end to the distractions...the frustrations...the stress...and the tension...that is associated with many bjj tournaments. The truth is, you don't have to just talk about how a ref ripped you off by a bad call, or how you should have won a match. You can experience a bold, new and exclusive submission only tournament format RIGHT NOW...that quite frankly was designed just for YOU: the competitor!

So, let me ask 'ya: What business are 'ya in?

You are not in the business of 'advantage points' if you're a bjj competitor...you are not in the business of 'scoring points' if you're in a street fight...you are NOT in the business of 'referee decisions' when you're rolling in class.

YOU are in the BUSINESS of SUBMITTING people!

It's about establishing solid, positional control and then finishing with a SUBMISSION! It's about shutting down your opponents ability to control you positionally, so YOU can shut down their submission game. And finally, it's about the mutual respect, common ground and love for jiu jitsu that each competitor has for each other in a tournament format like this.

That's exactly why The Good Fight adapted a submission only rules format.

We're your shortcut to no more frustration at bjj tournaments. It's what you've been waiting for. It's what you've been dreaming about. Well, my friend...your dream just became a reality because it can start right now by registering for one of The Good Fight tournaments.

There is simply no substitute for competiting LIVE at The Good Fight. We will hand deliver to you a tournament format that will jumpstart your motivation as a competitor because it's all up to you to decide how you want to approach each match, without the worry of keeping track of points, advantages, sweeps, etc...

Forget Everything You Ever "Thought" You Knew About Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments...
This is like NOTHING You Have Experienced Before

Before I tell you about the tournament itself, I want to tell you what the tournament WON'T be.

  • This is not a tournament where you wait around all-day. The Good Fight will start and end on time. We will give you a schedule that has reasonable time frames and realistic start and end times. This allows you to plan your day.

  • This is not a tournament where you will be one-n-done. If you want a second match, just ask us. The Good Fight will give you one. It's THAT simple!

  • This is not a tournament where you will be the only one in your division. The Good Fight will put together a bracket for you so you have guys to compete with. Sometimes we might have to combine divisions, but we will make sure you get your money's worth and create a bracket that works for you. If we can't do this. We will give you your money back!

Here's Just Some of What You'll Experience at The Good Fight:

  • A friendly staff that is always willing to help you.
  • A free tournament tee-shirt to all those that PRE-REGISTER ONLINE!
  • A free coaches pass for your instructor.
  • A simple and straight forward rules format.
  • A consolation match guarantee! (All you have to do is ASK)
  • A chance to socialize and meet new friends within the Jiu Jitsu community.
  • A fair shot to win your match without interference of advantages, points, or referee decisision.
  • A clean, safe, and professional bjj tournament atmosphere.
  • Plenty of matches for kids divisions!

Don't miss your chance to experience the most professional and well-run jiu jitsu tournament around!

Dedicated to helping the Jiu-Jitsu community GROW,

The Good Fight Tournament LLC