General Rules Regarding Cleanliness

General Cleanliness – All athletes must come to the event clean, well bathed and with trimmed toe and fingernails. Competitors with offensive odors before the event starts will be asked to withdraw from the competition. NO REFUND will be issued.

Grapplers may not arrive at the mat perspiring for the beginning of the match. The referee may require a grappler to towel off at any time during the match.

Infectious Diseases - Competitors with any of the following infectious diseases will NOT be allowed to compete: herpes (cold sores), fungal infections (ringworm), and any form of staph, viral or other bacterial infections or outbreaks. To avoid embarrassing situations it is advised that you police yourself and your teammates.

Uniforms and Clothing - Must be clean, in good repair, and free from any offensive odors. Athletes should wash all uniforms and clothing that is to be worn at the event.

Long Hair - Athletes with long hair must keep their hair from interfering with their opponent or themselves during the match.

Groin Cups - There is a legitimate concern of cups being used as a fulcrum to break someones elbow when applying an armbar and/or break someones jaw and crack their teeth when applying a triangle. It also can be used to push into someone's back once you take their back. For these reason we will NOT allow groin cups to be worn.

Wrestling Ear Guards - Ear guards are NOT permitted to be worn.