How To Register Your Team To Receive
The Good Fight Team Discounts!

  1. Each competitor will pre-register online.
  2. Do NOT pay online. You will pay cash at the door.
  3. Competitors must pre-register with the EXACT same team name.
  4. Fill out all competitor information EXCEPT c.c. info.
  5. At the end of the pre-registration process they MUST click the: 'Submit Registration' button.
  6. Remember to leave c.c. info blank before clicking: 'Submit Registration'
  7. Pre-registration ends 11:59 pm the Thursday before the tournament.
    The amount of teammates pre-registered will determine your team rate. (please see rate chart below)

10-24 competitors

$60 for 1 division

$80 for 2 divisions

25-49 competitors

$55 for 1 division

$75 for 2 divisions

50 or more competitors

$50 for 1 division

$70 for 2 divisions

A Few Things To Note:

  1. Registering more than one competitor on the same invoice is fine. It really doesn't matter if they all register individually. Or, if a handful of competitors are registered on the same registration. As long as everybody is registered by 11:59 pm the Thursday before the tournament is all that matters.

  2. We can give any on-site registrants the same team discount rate if they show up at the door. However,on-site registrants will not be counted toward the next price rate. So, it's important that if you're shooting for the 25 competitor rate that at least 25 guys are pre-registered by the deadline. Then if 2 or 3 come on-site they will receive the same 25 competitor rate. However, it wouldn't be a good idea to have 15 guys pre-register online and then have another 15 register on-site because you would miss out on the 25 competitor rate by doing this.