Money-Saving Discounts
From The Good Fight Tournament To YOU!

Here are all the ways YOU can save money off your Good Fight tournament registration.

  1. Early-Bird Discount:
    Register and pay online 2 weeks prior to the tournament date and you'll automatically save money with our early-bird pre-registration pricing. All competitors are offered this discount and it's one of the easiest ways you can save money with us.

  2. Family Discount: When 2 or more family members register they receive an extra $5 savings off each division they register for. This discount is good for families of and/or smaller teams of 2-9 competitors. This discount is ONLY available when you pre-register and pay online.

  3. Military Discount:
    The Good Fight offers a military discount to all branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard. You can redeem this discount 1 of 2 ways: (1) Register on-site and present your military ID...or...(2) Pre-register online (without paying online) and present your military ID when you arrive to check in. Both ways will require cash payment. The only difference between the 2 options is when you pre-register online without paying you'll get through the check-in line much quicker. It also shows your name on the competitor list which will show other competitors there is someone in their division. The Good Fight prefers you pre-register online for these 2 reasons. But, either way you'll enjoy the discount of $60 for 1 division or $80 for 2 divisions. Military discounts are applicable for veterans as well.

  4. College Student Discount:
    The Good Fight offers college student discounts as well. Any college student with a current college
    id-card will pay only $60 for 1 division; or $80 for 2 divisions. College students may pre-register online and be guaranteed a tournament t-shirt or they can register on-site and take the chance of not getting a t-shirt. On-site registration tees are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Either way you choose to register you'll still pay the same discount of $60 or $80. Please note: if you do pre-register online be SURE to leave the credit card info area BLANK at the end of the pre-registration process before click the 'submit registration' button. Present your college ID when you arrive to check in.

  5. Team Discount:
    Team discount are offered for teams of 10 or more competitors.
    Click Here to Learn More About Team Discounts!

  6. Season Pass:
    The Good Fight offers a Season Pass that is good for 1 year from the date purchased. This will allow you to compete in as many Good Fight tournament you want and in as many divisions as you like for an entire year. For example: if you purchase your Season Pass today, it will be good until the same date next year. Purchase Your Season Pass Now!

  7. Lifetime Membership Pass:
    The Good Fight is offering a limited amount of Lifetime Membership Passes. If you would like to take advantage of this and be able to compete in as many Good Fight tournaments as you want to over your competitive lifetime this is for you. Purchase Your Lifetime Membership Pass Now!

  8. Become a Good Fight Team Organizer:
    Sometimes head instructors and coaches are so busy with teaching and running the daily operations of their academy that they might need some help with organizing their competition team, as far as getting them to tournaments. Although this program could be run by the head instructor, it can also be benefial to a parent of a child competitor or an adult competitor who can rally a team together. If this is you it's best to talk to your instructor FIRST to make sure he/she is on board with it.
    Click Here for Instruction on How To Become a Team Organizer!

  9. Work-to-Compete-Program:
    I remember all to well the days when money was tight and yet I wanted to compete. Even though I did compete a lot, I still missed out on many opportunities to compete more because I suffered from the dreaded disease of: myfunds-arelow. Anyway, if this is you and you want to trade off work to compete please let us know. We have many jobs that you can do before, during and after the tournament. To take advantage of this program please call me at: 386-748-8810 or send an email to: