BRONZE Medal Savings

Reg Online: Pay Cash-at-Door

The Good Fight's BRONZE Medal Savings Option is specifically designed to do 4 things:

  1. Save you money
  2. Get your name added to the online competitor list
  3. Allow you to pay cash-at-the-door
  4. Guarantee you a FREE tournament t-shirt

ONE: Save You Money

By pre-registering online you'll be able to take advantage of the BRONZE Medal Savings option, which allows you SAVE $25. The best part about this option is you DON'T have to pay online. All you'll do is leave the credit card info area BLANK before clicking the 'submit registration' button. Please note: if you wait and decide to register on-site you'll pay $25 MORE. The BRONZE Medal Savings is designed to help you SAVE $25, yet still allow you to pay cash-at-the-door.

TWO: Your Name Added to Competitor List

Once you pre-register online your name will be added to the online competitor list. This greatly helps when others look to see who might be in their division.

THREE: Pay Cash-at-the-Door

This process is VERY simple:

(1) Pre-register online

(2) at the END of the pre-registration select the 'Pay with Check'

(3) click the 'submit registration' button

(3) you'll pay cash-at-the-door when you arrive to weigh-in.

FOUR: You're Guaranteed a FREE Tournament T-Shirt

One of the added benefits of competing at The Good Fight is we give out custom tournament tees to our pre-registered competitors. The BRONZE Medal Savings option guarantees you'll receive this FREE t-shirt when you arrive to weigh in.

If You Have the Following Concerns the BRONZE Medal Savings Option is for You!

Concern #1:

"I'm afraid to pay online for my tournament registration ahead of time

because if I get injured I'm out the money."

No longer do you have to worry about this. With the BRONZE Medal Savings option, if you DO get injured before the competition, it's not a problem. You didn't pay for it online anyway. You either DON'T show up; and there is no harm done and NO cost to you. Or, as a courtesy to us, you can send us an email letting us know you got injured and cannot make the tournament. At that point we will scratch your name from the competitor list. Either way, you're NOT out any money!

Concern #2:

"I'm not sure if I want to compete or not; I'm not really sure I'll be ready;
I don't know if my schedule will allow me to make the tournament."

Some competitors just aren't sure if they want to compete or not. Some are concerned they won't be ready. Some are not sure if their schudule will allow them to make the tournament. Additionally some parents are concerned about these things for their children. Usually what happens is they put it off till the day of the event. This is no longer a problem when you register online using the BRONZE Medal Savings option.

Here's why: If you're on the fence about competing just register yourself following the BRONZE Medal Savings instructions. Then, if at any time you decide you DON'T want to compete you don't have to show up. You haven't paid for anything and it doesn't cost you anything to do this.

Concern #3:

"I just don't like paying for things ahead of time online with my credit card.
I'd rather just pay cash at the door."

You may be the type of person that just has a hang up with pre-paying for something online and using your credit card. We understand this and assure you that this won't be a concern anymore for you. With the BRONZE Medal Savings option you will NOT have to pre-pay for anything. You will NOT have to give your credit card information out either. Simply pre-register online and leave the credit card info area BLANK, before clicking the 'submit registration' button.

BRONZE Medals Savings

Pre-Registration Instructions

First: GO to the tournament page that you want to pre-register for.

Second: On that page, click the 'Pre-Register Here' button.

Third: Follow the instructions described below.

  1. Click 'Register Now' button.
    It's the black and red flashing button.

  2. 'Check' the little refund policybox.
    Then enter your email and click 'Continue'

  3. Click the 'Add Wrestler' button.
    It doesn't matter if you aren't a wrestler; the button is for ALL competitors.

  4. Skip over the OPTIONAL trackwrestling # at the top left.
    You don't need this.

  5. Enter all your information.
    Be sure to select the divisions you want to compete in and click 'Add this Wrestler'.

  6. Click 'Add Another Wrestler' IF you need to register more people.
    If not, click 'Continue'

  7. Leave the credit card info area BLANK.
    Once you get to the 'Billing Contact and Check-out' page
    leave the credit card info area BLANK before clicking the 'submit registration' button.


...then you'll pay cash-at-the-door
when you arrive at the tournament to weigh-in.