Kids (4-12 yrs) -NOVICE Division

Our Novice division is our entry level, non-competitive division
for kids ages 4-12 yrs. old.

They are round-robin brackets designed to give kids experience only,
NOT to win or lose.

**Participation Awards to ALL Children Who Enter This Division**


All matches will be 4 minutes.


There are no points or advantage points calculated for any moves or positions. For the children's safety, referees are instructed to stop a match before a full submission is in place. In case of a tap or referee stoppage: the match will stop; both children will reset from the standing position; the match will then re-start and continue until the 4 minutes are up.


Our tournament for kids ages 4-12 years old is more like an 'supervised roll'. So, it's not designed to award a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winners.

All children within a bracket will compete against each other in a round robin format. Everyone will receive a participation medal.

No: Everyone is NOT a winner! There is nothing to win.

No: Everyone is NOT a loser! There is nothing to lose.

Yes: Everyone WILL gain experience, get a LOT of mat time, make new friends, see old friends and have fun!

Yes: Your child will be able to guage where he or she is at. You'll know by the end of each 4 minute match how many times you where submitted and/or how many times you submitted someone else.

Our goal is NOT to build a 7 year old champion. Our goal IS to build confident children, who have fun enjoying the sport they love, in a competition atmosphere. This will result in longer retention in children. And will actually lengthen their competitive jiu jitsu career by preventing burnout at these early ages.


  1. It gives children the opportunity to exhibit their jiu jitsu skills in an atmosphere of cooperation, respect for fellow participants and FUN.

  2. This format allows children the opportunity to build confidence that will last a lifetime.

  3. One of the greatest attributes of this system is that it provides children the opportunity to perform under pressure in a safe and positive setting.

  4. Experience is one of the BEST teachers out there, and this is what we want to give the kids at our tournament.

  5. Because there are no points, this allows kids to work on escaping the back, the mount, and side control positions without fear of losing points.

  6. Kids can actually test their escapes from bad positions.
    For example: Really competitive kids can actually let other kids mount them during their match with the intention of seeing how many times they can escape and/or how many times they actually got caught in a submission.

  7. NO other tournament circuit offers the type of experience, environment and freedom that you'll get at The Good Fight.


  • All brackets will run under a round robin system.
  • All kids within a bracket will compete against each other.
  • Brackets will typically be 3-man, 4-man or 5-man round robins.
  • Our tournament for kids is more like 'supervised rolling'.

PLEASE NOTE: No child should HAVE to tap out. The referee should stop the match before the child’s arm is fully extended or if he feels that the child might be in danger of tapping. WHY? The goal here is to build each child’s confidence, provide a positive atmosphere for them to perform without the pressure of winning and loosing.