Competitors weigh-in without the gi. Yes, there is a 1 lb allowance given. Keep in mind 1 lb means 1 lb. If you weigh in at 1.2 lbs over. To make weight you'll have to lose the .2 lbs and then come back and re-weigh-in. You only weigh-in ONE TIME. Pick either Friday night or Saturday. It doesn't matter which one you choose. What matters is that you show up on time for whatever day you choose. If you don't make weight we will just move you up to the next weight-class after you weigh-in.

FRIDAY - Night Before Weigh-Ins Option 1: FERNANDINA BEACH 6-8 pm

Peck Gym, 510 South 10th St. Fernandina Beach, FL 32024

Weigh-ins will be open to all competitors.
DO NOT BE LATE; scales will close at 8 pm Friday night.

FRIDAY - Night Before Weigh-Ins Option 2: JACKSONVILLE 6-8 pm

Those who live in Jacskonville can take advantage of weighing-in at:

Knuckle Up Martial Arts And Fitness

10501 San Jose Boulevard Suite 1

Jacksonville, FL 32257

SATURDAY - Day Of Weigh-Ins

If you cannot make it Friday night for weigh-ins, you can weigh-in on Saturday starting at 8 am. Adults can show up earlier than their recommended weigh-in time if they like; but they are not required to. Competitors DO NOT have to weigh-in with their Gi on.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be on time! When planning drive time please take into account traffic and the possibility of getting lost so you are not late. If you are late for weigh-ins you will be disqualified. Below are the times when the scales close for each group:

*Scales close at 9 am for ALL kids & teen competitors.

*Scales close at 12 noon for ALL adult Gi & NoGi competitors.