"Why The Good Fight Will Be Your Favorite Tournament After You Experience
Our Brand New, Exclusive and Original Submission Only Tournament Format!"

YES: Even with our submission-only format and rules you'll get the following:

  1. The most well-run & professionally managed bjj tournament circuit around. Since 2008 The Good Fight has spent countless hours putting together a system of tournament management. With all the 'moving parts' that come along with directing a tournament, The Good Fight has remained ahead of the curve in providing a tournament system that is smoothly run and professionally managed.

  2. A tournament that is run on-time. Yes, we can do it even with submission only. Our attention to detail when scheduling and planning is unique and specific towards each event. Some ask: how we do it? We cannot answer that, except to say it's a Good Fight proprietary trade secret...hahaha! The best we can say is you should come out and experience this for yourself.

  3. No waiting around all day long. The Good Fight will not bog competitors down with long waiting periods. We have a night-before weigh-in option that allows you to then show up an hour before your tentatively scheduled start time the day of the tournament. Our day off weigh-ins have cut-off times that allow you to compete anywhere from 1-3 hours AFTER you weigh in. Most times it's within 2 hours. But this is WAY better than waiting around 8 or more hours like what happens at some tournaments. Please keep in mind if you're competing in both gi and nogi divisions you'll naturally have some more wait time because of the time between your 2 divisions.

  4. A family-friendly tournament. We take great pride in ensuring the tournament environment we provide is family friendly. You'll be greeted by friendly Good Fight staff and treated with respect and courtesy as a need or concern arises.

  5. Safe competition mats for our competitors. Competitor safety is a #1 concern for The Good Fight. For starters our Resilite LiteWeight mats have outstanding impact protection and are G-MAX approved. Our mats meet the ASTM-F355 (American Society for Testing and Materials). Our mats are in accordance with ASTM-F355 shock-absorbing properites, which is the Standard Test Method or Impact Attenuation of Playing Surface Systems and Materials. Our mats also contain built in Mircoban product protection to help protect our mats surface from bacteria, mold and mildew.

  6. Safe rules for our competitors. When competitors first hear submission only, some may ask: "Is this safe!" The answer is a resounding: YES! You see, point tournaments have a very limited time frame to score points or submit to earn a win. This requires you to take more risk, explode more often and go harder and faster within a very short, yet intense match. All of these factors add to your risk-to-injury-ratio. With our submission only tournament rules, you have plenty of time to work your game. You're not behind in points if your opponent sweeps you. You're not behind in an advantage if you get the short end of it on a double guard pull. With more time to work, you can calculate when YOU want to explode or when YOU want to relax. Since you're not competing against the clock, you've got plenty of time to relex, breathe and execute your game.

  7. Safe and realistic time limits on "qualifier" matches. All matches, except the championship finals, are called qualifier matches. These matches all have realistic time limit based upon age and skill level. These qualifier time limits are also safe, smart and allow for a smoothly run tournament. As competitors move up in age and skill level the qualifier time limits increase. Kids have 4 minutes, teens & adult white belts have 8 minutes and blue, purple & brown/black belts have 15 minutes. These are realistic times that allow for enough time for each individual competitor to work their game based upon their age and skill level in jiu jitsu.

  8. More competitive mat time that any other tournament circuit. By default our submission only qualifier matches allow you to get more competitive mat time with 1 match at The Good Fight, than you would at our point tournaments. For example a blue belt who competes in ONE 15-minute qualifier match just had the equivalent to 2.5 matches at a point tournament. That's more than DOUBLE the mat time with only ONE Good Fight match. WOW!!! Kids get a 4 minute qualifier match and teens get an 8 minute qualifier match. Most point tournaments only offer 3 minutes for kids and only 4 minutes for teens.

  9. Value-based tournament registration fees. When you compare our prices to other bjj tournaments you'll notice 2 things. (1) we are less-expensive than NAGA and IBJJF and (2) we are competively priced when compared to the smaller organizations. With that said we believe the value of our original submission-only tournaments is fairly priced and affordable to the bjj community.

  10. Early-Bird Registration Savings: All competitors are offered our discounted early-bird registration pricing.This is one of the easiest ways you can save money with us.

  11. Family Discounts: When 2 or more family members register they receive an extra $5 savings off each division they register for.

  12. Team Discounts: Another great way to save money with The Good Fight is by registering your team of 10 or more competitors. By bringing a team of 10 or more guys each competitor will pay only: $60 for 1 division or $80 for 2 divisions. To take advantage of this all competitors from your team must pre-register online; but DON'T pay online. You will pay your discounted team price at the door when you arrive to weigh-in.

  13. Military & College Student Discounts: The Good Fight offers military & college student discounts as well. Any military and/or college student with a current id-card will pay only $60 for 1 division; or $80 for 2 divisions.

  14. Age specific kids & teens divisions. The Good Fight brackets kids and teens within 2 years of age. Most times, with kids we try our best to bracket within 1 year of age. This makes for a more enjoyable tournament for all the kids and parents. We also do our best to give the kids a variety of matches.

  15. Age specific adult, executive & masters divisions. The Good Fight now offers a Masters Division for competitors ages 40 yrs and older. We also have an Executive division for ages 30-39 years; as well as our Adult division for ages 16-29 years. Any competitor who wants to compete in a lower age category is welcome to. However, when you pre-register online you'll have to put your birth-year to reflect the lower age category.

  16. 2nd Match "ASK" Guarantee. We understand that sometimes your first match is over within a minute or 2 of the match starting. For that reason we have a 2nd Match "ASK" Guarantee. What this means is if your first match ends quickly and you WANT a consolation match we'll give it to you. All you have to do is ASK the Good Fight mat manager and he will set you up with a non-sanctioned consolation match.

  17. Rooster Weight Division. We have now added a rooster weight division of 125 lbs. Any adults, executives or masters wanting to take advantage of this please do so. Because of the small amount of competitors at this weight class we many have to combine age categories to make it work.

  18. Both Gi and NoGi Female Divisions. We offer both gi and nogi divisions for adult female jiu jitsu competitors. Ladies please spread the word and make sure ya' register to keep this going. It's all up to you to make this work. We offer it, but YOU have to sign up for it.

  19. Season Pass: The Good Fight offers a Season Pass that is good for 1 year from the date purchased. This will allow you to compete in as many Good Fight tournament you want and in as many divisions as you like for an entire year. For example: if you purchase your Season Pass today, it will be good until the same date next year. Purchase Your Season Pass Today!

  20. Lifetime Membership Pass: The Good Fight is offering a limited amount of Lifetime Membership Passes. If you would like to take advantage of this and be able to compete in as many Good Fight tournaments as you want to over your competitive lifetime this is for you. Take Advantage of The Good Fight Lifetime Membership Benefits Now!

  21. The overall feel of our tournament is less stress, less screaming, less yelling and more competing: One of the first things instructors and competitors notice is the atmosphere at The Good Fight tournaments. It's amazing to experience the relaxed and laid back feel that is part of our submission only tournaments. With the risk of losing points from a guard pass, takedown, mount, etc...removed our tournaments bring along with it an entirely different atmosphere. It's kinda like watching the old Pride fights that were held in Japan. The Japanese crowd was silent during the match until the submission was about to come on; then the place became "un-glued". This is much the same atmosphere and attitude at The Good Fight. But the BEST way to understand this is to come on out and experience it for yourself!

  22. The owner is a former jiu-jitsu competitor and black belt. The owner of The Good Fight, Jim Fortunato, is a former jiu-jitsu competitor and champion in his day. He has competed in the IBJJF Pan-Ams twice, as well as many Grapplers Quest & NAGA tournaments back in the late 1990's and the early part of 2000's. His first submission only style tournament was in the late 1990's hosted by the Gracie Academy in Torrence, CA. It's was a hybrid of submission only and points. Where you had to win by a submission or at least a 12 point spread in points. He was also an academy owner/instructor for 16 years from 1996 to 1012 in Sewell, NJ. He is a black belt under John Hassett, a 5-time Pan-Am Champion.

  23. It's FUN, FUN, FUN! The Good Fight tournaments are just a fun place to be. If you love jiu-jitsu, you'll love the atmosphere at our tournaments. All of our staff loves the sport and it shows in their work. We want you to come out and be part of The Good Fight family. We can't guarantee you'll win, but we can guarantee you'll have a FUN time!