The Good Fight: 2015 Tournament of Champions

Submission Only Results

Kids/Teens Gi results

Kids/Teens NoGi results

Adult/Executive/Master Gi results

Adult/Executive/Master NoGi results

Fastest Submission Winners:

Kids/Teens Gi: Nick Jones (Self Defense America) -16 seconds

Kids/Teens NoGi: Dylan Briles (Self Defense America) -12 seconds

Adult/Executive/Master Gi: Misael Cordova (Maguilla BJJ) -28 seconds

Adult/Executive/Master NoGi: Richard Glass (Carlson Gracie MD) -22 seconds


Kids/Teens Winner: Relson Gracie Maryland

Adult/Executive/Master Winner: Vicente Jr. Team


Kids/Teens Gi & NoGi pictures

Adult/Executive/Master Gi & NoGi pictures