How To Become a Good Fight
Team Ambassador

Please Note: Team Ambassador Requests MUST Be Received
2 Weeks Prior to the Tournament Date You Are Attending!

What is a Team Ambassador?

A Good Fight Team Ambassador is someone who will organize a group of 10 or more competitors from their academy to participate in a Good Fight submission only jiu jitsu tournament.

Who is eligible?

Anyone is eligible. However, this program is most beneficial to parents whose kids compete; adult competitors who can rally together a team of at least 10 or more competitors from their school; or an instructor, assistant instructor or program director of an academy.

What are the requirements?

You must bring a pre-registered team of at least 10 or more competitors. If you are an adult student and/or a parent of a child competitor it's best to talk to your instructor first so that he/she knows what you are doing and is on board with the idea.

What are the benefits?

  1. As an adult a parent of a kid or teen competitor: You (or your child) will compete free of charge in the tournament you're organizing a team for.

  2. You'll receive 5 spectator tickets. These tickets can be used any way you like. For example: you can use them as an incentive and include 1 spectator ticket to the first 5 competitors from your team that pre-register for the tournament.

  3. You'll receive 5 extra tournament tee-shirts. For example: You can give these tee shirts to your family...or... you can bring them back to your academy and hand them out to any of the students you want. It's really up to you what you do with them.

  4. Every competitor will save money by paying the team discount of $60 for 1 division or $80 for 2 divisions.

What's my next step?

After you sign up to become a Good Fight team ambassador the next step is to start promoting the tournament. You can do this by printing out the tournament flyer and posting it at your academy and passing them out to others on your team. You can also post the tournament information on your Facebook wall and your school's Facebook wall. You'll also want to read the instructions on how your team will need to pre-register for the tournament.
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How do I redeem my free registration as a team ambassador?

You'll simply follow the pre-registration instructions as described for the rest of the team.
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How do I redeem my 5 free spectator tickets?

All of our spectator tickets are will-call and can be picked up when you arrive at the tournament. So, as soon as your 10 competitors are pre-registered we'll add 5 spectator tickets that will be under YOUR NAME as the team organizer. When your spectators arrive at the tournament all they do is give us YOUR NAME and we'll hand them their spectator ticket.

Have Questions?

Call, text or email Sheryl at: 717-487-4860

How do I sign up?

The Good Fight will allow 1 team organizer per academy. And it's simple to sign up. Simply fill out the form below and you're all set.