General Rules Regarding Cleanliness

General Cleanliness – All athletes must come to the event clean, well bathed and with trimmed toe and fingernails. Competitors with offensive odors before the event starts will be asked to withdraw from the competition. NO REFUND will be issued.

Excessive Perspiration - Competitors may not arrive at the mat perspiring before the start of their match. The referee may also require competitors to towel off at any time during the match if excessive perspiration becomes an issue.

Infectious Diseases - Competitors with any of the following infectious diseases will NOT be allowed to compete: herpes (cold sores), fungal infections (ringworm), and any form of staph, viral or other bacterial infections or outbreaks. To avoid embarrassing situations it is advised that you police yourself and your teammates.

Uniforms and Clothing - Must be clean, in good repair, and free from any offensive odors. Athletes should wash all uniforms and clothing that is to be worn at the event.

Long Hair - Athletes with long hair must keep their hair from interfering with their opponent or themselves during the match.

Feet - Competitors are NOT permitted to walk around barefooted before stepping onto the mats. Competitors are NOT permitted to walk barefooted into the bathroom before stepping onto the mats. If you are caught barefooted you risk being disqualified WITHOUT a refund. All competitors should take cleanliness very seriously. This benefits the whole jiu-jitsu community.

Blood rule - Because there is no blood testing for grappling, a competitor who cannot control bleeding will not be allowed to continue. In the event of bleeding, the Referee will stop the clock and allow the competitor a reasonable amount of time (two to three minutes) to stop the bleeding. If the competitor continues to bleed a second time in the same match (for the same injury), that competitor will be disqualified. If the competitor begins to bleed from a different injury for the first time in the match, the above listed measures will again be followed.

The competitor is not disqualified from the event if he/she was disqualified for bleeding. If the competitor is competing in another division, or if it is a semi-finals match, the competitor will be allowed to continue in further matches or divisions. Bleeding is defined as an amount of blood that shows when a white cloth is pressed on the area. Any amount of blood noticed by the Referee will result in immediately stopping the match to address the injury.

Any expulsion of vomit, urine or feces during a match will result in immediate disqualification. Intentional spitting on the mat will also result in immediate disqualification.