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September 28, 2019

Venue: The Baldwin School, 701 Montgomery Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

On-Site Registration & Weigh-Ins: CLOSED

SATURDAY: 8-9 am kids/teens   |   8-12 noon adult gi   |   8-2 pm adult nogi


Pre-Paid Online
w/Credit Card


Pre-Paid Online
w/Credit Card

CASH Registration
Pay at the Door

$69 for 1 division

$85 for 1 division

$105 for 1 division

$89 for 2 divisions

$105 for 2 divisions

$125 for 2 divisions

Guaranteed Free T-Shirt


Guaranteed Free T-Shirt


A portion of G3 tournament proceeds will be donated to Girls in Gi's.
Please visit their website below.

AWARDS: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place custom-medals are awarded to placewinners for each bracket.

TEAM AWARDS: 2 team awards will given out. 1 will go to the kids/teens team champion and 1 will go to the adult/exec/master team champions.

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ABSOLUTE AWARDS: Absolute divisions are made available free of charge to all 1st place winners in the adult/exec/master age categories. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place custom-medals are awarded to absolute winners in their respective belt level & age category absolute division.


  • Female Kids & Teens Gi & NoGi divisions which are broken up by AGE, SKILL LEVEL & WEIGHT.
  • Female Gi & NoGi divisions are available for adults ages 16 years and older.
  • Sorry fellas, this one 'aint for you!

Good Fight Guarantee

Good Fight Guarantee

  • GUARANTEED 2 Matches per Division
    (Terms: You must stay for the entirety of your bracket. If you do not get 2 matches in your bracket you must notify the GF staff and ask for a 2nd match. If you fail to ask at the tournament you forfeit your 2nd match guarantee)

  • FREE Tournament T-Shirt
    (Terms: To be eligible you must pre-register online.)

  • MONEY-BACK if Injured BEFORE the Tournament
    (Terms: Must pre-register & pay online. If injured before the tournament you must send us an email by 11:59 pm, the Thurs before the tournament letting us know you're injured and need to pull out. This guarantee is NOT applicable to injuries sustained at the tournament.)

  • FREE ABSOLUTE division entry for 1st Place Winners
    (Terms: only for adult/exec/masters. You MUST notify GF staff that you want to be in the Absolute if you are a 1st place winner)

  • FREE ENTRY to Sub-Only Worlds to 1st Place Winners
    (Terms: can only be used for sub-only pans with 1st place wins from June-December)