"Who Else Wants to Take Advantage of The Good Fight
Team Discounts? If so, You Must Pre-Register Online"

Below are the instructions:

Register Online just like everyone else.

However, when you get to the 'Payment' section, select option: "Pay with...Cash/Check."

  1. Do NOT select the "Pay with...Credit Card" option. Do NOT pay online.
  2. You will pay cash at the door when you arrive to weigh-in.

    The amount of teammates pre-registered will determine your team rate.
    Kids, teens and adults can all be combined to reach the team number requirements.

    (please see rate chart below)

10-24 competitors

$60 for 1 division

$80 for 2 divisions

25-49 competitors

$55 for 1 division

$75 for 2 divisions

50 or more competitors

$50 for 1 division

$70 for 2 divisions

Team Discounts: 3 Important Things To Know!

  1. Pre-registering more than one competitor on the same invoice online is fine. It doesn't matter if team members pre-register individually or as a group.

  2. You MUST pre-register online to be Guaranteed a free tournament t-shirt.

  3. You MUST pre-register under the EXACT same team name.
    For example: If your team name is: "ABC Team", please make sure everyone uses that exact wording & spelling. If someone else registers as: "Team ABC", our software will recognize that as 2 different teams. If a 3rd person registers under: "ABC", now we have 3 different team spellings.