Below are Ways You Can Save Money!

  1. Early-Bird Discount:
    Register and pay online 2 weeks prior to the tournament date and you'll automatically save money with our early-bird pre-registration pricing. All competitors are offered this discount and it's one of the easiest ways you can save money with us. This also guarantees you a free tournament t-shirt.

  2. Family Discount: When 2 or more family members register they receive an extra $5 savings off each division they register for. This discount is ONLY available when you pre-register and pay online.

  3. Military, 1st Responder & College Student Discounts:

All military, 1st responders and college students will receive a $10 discount off their registration.

There are 3 different coupons codes designed for each specific group to be used online.

  • Military may use code: military
  • 1st responders may use code: responder
  • College students may use code: college

Please Note: ID is required upon checking in. Failure to bring your military, 1st responder or college student ID will result in you being charged the $10 difference at the door.

  1. Team Discount:
    Team discount are offered for teams of 10 or more competitors.
    Click Here to Learn More About Team Discounts!

  2. Season Pass:
    The Good Fight offers a Season Pass that is good for 1 year from the date purchased. This will allow you to compete in as many Good Fight tournament you want and in as many divisions as you like for an entire year. For example: if you purchase your Season Pass today, it will be good until the same date next year. Purchase Your Season Pass Now!

  3. Lifetime Membership Pass:
    The Good Fight is offering a limited amount of Lifetime Membership Passes. If you would like to take advantage of this and be able to compete in as many Good Fight tournaments as you want to over your competitive lifetime this is for you. Purchase Your Lifetime Membership Pass Now!