There may be a $5 parking fee, depending on what other events YSU has going on.
The Good Fight has no control over this. Please be patient with the parking situation.
There may be other lots around the campus that you might want to consider.

Venue: Youngstown State (Stambaugh Stadium) 577 5th Ave. Youngstown, OH 44555

(Look for the McDonalds and the Sunoco; the venue is right across the street.)

For Parking: park in the M24 Lot. It's to the left of the McDonalds. After you park you'll walk across the street, pass the McDonald's heading toward the main stadium entrace.

Please note: There is additional parking at Stambaugh Stadium. Go into the main entrance of the stadium and there will be some parking there too.

Last resort: IF you still cannot figure out how/where to park please call: 330-770-3289