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We are cancelling our Sub-Only Pans & Jiu-Jitsu Expo in May.

All current registrations will be pushed to Sub-Only Worlds. All qualified competitors will be pushed to compete free of charge at Sub-Only Worlds in December. We also are pushing the EXPO to take place in conjunction with Sub-Only Worlds in December.


Venue: Branchburg Sports Complex, 47 Readington Rd. Branchburg, NJ 08876


Pre-Paid Online
w/Credit Card


Pre-Paid Online
w/Credit Card

CASH Registration
Pay at the Door

$69 for 1 division

$85 for 1 division

$105 for 1 division

$89 for 2 divisions

$105 for 2 divisions

$125 for 2 divisions

Guaranteed Free T-Shirt

ends 11:59 pm 5/02/20

Guaranteed Free T-Shirt
ends 11:59 pm 5/14/20

Open at venue on:

5/15 & 5/16

EXPO Vendor Registration is OPEN!

Early Bird Pricing Below:

5 x 10 space: $50     |     10 x 10 space: $100     |     20 x 10 space: $175

(Early-Bird Savings ends 11:59 pm on March 21st)

Highlight Your Company at our Jiu-Jitsu EXPO

Purchase Your Jiu-Jitsu EXPO Booth Here!

QUALIFIED ATHLETES: Sub-Only Pans is OPEN to anyone to register and compete in. However, ALL qualified athletes are eligible to compete free of charge. IF you've won 1st place or your team won the 1st place team award you have earned a spot to compete free of charge at Sub-Only Pans.

If You or Your Team Have Qualified to Compete FREE at Sub-Only Pans:
CLICK HERE for online Registration instructions!

Attention: Qualified Competitors & Teams!

You MUST Pre-Register Online by 11:59 pm on May 14th

If you qualified for gi, but not nogi (or vice/versa)...You can still compete in your non-qualified division. You would pay the discounted rate of $40 in cash when you arrive at Sub-Only Pans.

AWARDS: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place custom-medals are awarded to placewinners for each bracket.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place TEAM AWARDS: 2 sets of team awards will given out.
1 set will go to the kids/teens team champion and 1 set will go to the adult/exec/master team champions. Winners must have someone from their team at the tournament to receive the award. Missed team awards will not be mailed out.

DIVISIONS AVAILABLE: BOTH Gi & NoGi divisions are available!

  • Kids & Teens Gi & NoGi divisions which are broken up by AGE, SKILL LEVEL & WEIGHT.
  • Female Gi & NoGi divisions are available for adults ages 16 years and older.

Male divisions are as follows:

  • Adult (16-29 years) divisions are available for white, blue & purple belts.
  • Executive (30-39 years) divisions are available white & blue belts.
  • Masters (40+ years) divisions are available for white & blue belts.
  • Executive & Masters (30+ years) division is available for purple belts.
  • A combined age category of 18 yrs. & up is available for brown & black belt in Gi and NoGi.

5 Things Sub-Only Pans Competitors MUST Know

ONE: There is NO 2nd match guarantee.
Because this is our 2nd-most prestigious event of the year and is NOT a qualifier tournament we do not offer a 2nd match guaranteed. Note: a 3-man round-robin bracket will automatically allow you 2 matches because each competitor fights each other. A 4-man bracket automatically allows you at least 2 matches because if you lose your first match you'll get to fight a 2nd match for 3rd and 4th place.

TWO: There is NO rules meeting.
It's your responsibility to know the rules ahead of time. You are welcome to ask questions BEFORE your match to get clarification on any rules you don't know.


All transactions at the tournament are cash only. Go to the ATM before the tournament so you are prepared with cash when you arrive. Note: there will be plenty of Good Fight gear available for sale.

FOUR: T-Shirt Guarantee Explained
Only competitors who have pre-registered online no-later-than May 4th @ 11:59 pm are guaranteed a t-shirt.

FIVE: Friday Night Weigh-Ins

Try your best to make it to night-before weigh-ins. If you cannot make it on Friday night you still have the option to weigh-in on Saturday. However, because of the size of this tournament it would be helpful to our administrative staff if you can weigh-in Friday night.

Good Fight Guarantee

Good Fight Guarantee

  • FREE ENTRY into the Jiu-Jitsu EXPO
    (All competitors have free access into the Jiu-Jitsu Expo that
    will be part of Sub-Only Pans and held on 2nd 1/2 of the gym)

  • GUARANTEED 2 Matches per Division
    (Terms: You must stay for the entirety of your bracket. If you do not get 2 matches in your bracket you must notify the GF staff and ask for a 2nd match. If you fail to ask at the tournament you forfeit your 2nd match guarantee)

  • FREE Tournament T-Shirt
    (Terms: To be eligible you must pre-register online.)

  • MONEY-BACK if Injured BEFORE the Tournament
    (Terms: Must pre-register & pay online. If injured before the tournament you must send us an email by 11:59 pm, the Thurs before the tournament letting us know you're injured and need to pull out. A credit card processing fee is deducted from the refund total. This guarantee is NOT applicable to injuries sustained at the tournament.)