2-Man Bracket:

Our 2 man bracket will be built as a 'best 2 out of 3' winner. So you would fight the same guy up to 3 times. Whoever wins 2 matches 1st is the winner.

3-Man Round Robin:

A 3-man round robin bracket is used when 3 competitors are in a weight-class. This means that all competitors will fight each other. Most times the result is 1 competitor wins 2 bouts, which places him as the 1st place winner. The competitor who won 1 bout places 2nd. The 3rd competitor defaults to 3rd place.

However, sometimes there is the situtation where each of the 3 competitors wins 1 bout. In this situation the criteria used for 1st place is the whoever has the fastest submission in regulation time. 2nd place in the 2nd fastest submission in regulation time.

In the rare case where all 3 bouts go into overtime, the criteria used to determine 1st place will be the competitor who ends sudden death with the quickest time.