Gi Requirements

Gi: A standard jiu-jitsu gi is required. It should be constructed of cotton or similar material and in good condition with no tears or rips. The material may not be excessively thick or hard to the point where it will obstruct the opponent. Patches on the gi are OK. A rash-guard or snug-fitting t-shirt is allowed under your gi, but it is not required.

The jacket is to be of sufficient length down to the thighs, sleeves must reach the wrist with arms extended in front of the body. The pants must be reach to top of the ankles.

Belt, with color corresponding to your rank must be tied around the waist with a double knot, tight enough to secure your gi closed.

No-Gi Requirements

NoGi: A tight/snug fitting T-shirt or Rash guard on top is required by all athletes. No bare-chested grappling is permitted.

Long & loose-fitting board shorts or Gi pants on the bottom are required to be worn by all athletes. Board shorts can not have rivets, zippers or pockets where a foot, toe or finger can get caught in. Please make sure all pants have a drawstring and or another way to keep them secured at your waist during the match.

Tight-fitting vale tudo shorts are NOT permitted to be worn. Underarmour style or spandex style shorts and/or spats are NOT permitted to be worn. These items may be worn UNDERNEATH board-short style grappling shorts; just not as outerwear.

Wrestling Singlets are NOT permitted to be worn.

Women's NoGi Requirements

Dress code: Rash guard and board-style shorts with drawstring or Gi pants are permitted. There is no grey area here. We will not permit anything other than the items stated above. No spandex-style under armour, vale tudo, or spat-style shorts or pants are allowed to be worn as outerwear. You may wear this items UNDER you gi pants and/or your board-style grappling shorts. (If you have any questions regarding your gear please ask PRIOR to registering.)

Wrestling Shoes & Earguards  |  Groin Cups  |  Mouthguards

Wrestling Shoes & Earguards: No wrestling shoes or earguards are to be worn in any Gi or No-Gi competition. (An exception to this rule can be made if an athlete has a specific medical issue that requires coverage. A doctors note is required.)

Groin Cups: There is a legitimate concern of cups being used as a fulcrum to break someones elbow when applying an armbar and/or break someones jaw and crack their teeth when applying a triangle. It also can be used to push into someone's back once you take their back. For these reason we will NOT allow groin cups to be worn.

Mouthguards: This is up to each individual competitor. You can wear one if you want to. But, we will not require you to.