2020 Sub-Only WORLDS Qualifier Schedule

(WIN 1st place. Compete free at Sub-Only Worlds)

September 26: NC BJJ Championships

Postponed: Maine Championships

October 10: West Virginia Open

October 17: Absolute Fight Card - TN

October 24: Tournament of Champions - PA

November 7: New England Fall Open - NH

November 14: Thanksgiving Throwdown - MD

December: Sub-Only Worlds

  • GUARANTEED 2 Matches per Division
    (Terms: You must stay for the entirety of your bracket. If you do not get 2 matches in your bracket you must notify the GF staff and ask for a 2nd match. If you fail to ask at the tournament you forfeit your 2nd match guarantee. Note: This guarantee does NOT apply to
    Sub-Only Pans or Sub-Only Worlds)

  • FREE Tournament T-Shirt
    (Terms: To be eligible you must pre-register online.)

  • MONEY-BACK if Injured BEFORE the Tournament
    (Terms: Must pre-register & pay online. If injured before the tournament you must send us an email by 11:59 pm, the Thurs before the tournament letting us know you're injured and need to pull out. A credit card processing fee is deducted from the refund total.This guarantee is NOT applicable to injuries sustained at the tournament.)

  • FREE ENTRY to Sub-Only WORLDS for 1st Place Winners
    (Terms: can only be used for sub-only worlds with 1st place wins from Jan - Dec)

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How We're Different!

We Get You
We know that part of the reason you compete is to make memories and enjoy the experience. But you don’t want the hassle and headaches that come from unorganization, or waiting around all day.

We have 22 Years Experience
Our owner has been in the martial arts industry since 1996. He started training jiu-jistu in 1997 and started The Good Fight in 2008.  Two decades of experience in the jiu-jitsu industry has taught us some things.  And for us, a jiu-jitsu tournament is much more than just a transaction – we love being a part of helping you build your resume and grow in your journey.

We Make it Simple & Stress-Free

Our friendly, personable staff is here to help you have a frustration-free tournament experience. Our rules are very simple and straight forward. You'll also find the uniqueness of our sub-only format brings a more relaxed tournament atmosphere. You'll get to meet and socialize with others within the jiu-jitsu community.

We Save You Money

From our Early-Bird pre-registration, to our team, military, college and family discounts. We are interested in offering you many opportunities to save money. Plus, with our 2 match per division guarantee you don't have to worry about paying for only 1 match.

We Value Child Safety

Our submission only format and rule-set is safe for children to compete in. Our tournament atmosphere is much more relaxed so this certainly helps. But, more importantly our referees are trained to keep safety as a very high priority. You'll enjoy a clean, safe and professional tournament experience.

We Value Your Time

We strive to do our best to start and end on time. We understand your time is valuable and we know how frustrating it is to wait around for hours and hours to compete. Our system of operating and directing a tournament is what sets us apart and allows us to run on time. On rare occasions when we've fell an hour behind schedule, we've purposefully evaluate WHY and quickly fix it for next time.

We Know You Want Matches

We guarantee we can put a bracket together for you or will refund you your money. We are 100% committed to getting you matches, which is why we also have a 2 matches per division guarantee as well.

We Invite Instructors and Coaches

We know the importance of having your instructor there to coach you. For that reason we offer free passes to any official instructor from a legitmate academy that has competing students. Our coaches pass tier works as follows: 1-9 students = 1 pass; 10-14 students = 2 passes; 15-19 students = 3 passes; 20-24 students = 4 passes; 25-29 students = 5 passes; 30 or more students = 6 passes.

Please note: coaches passes are designed for official instructors and their staff of assisant teachers. They are not for your brother, your dad, your uncle or your best friend to use. Your family and friends are welcome to 'coach'  you, but this is not who we give free coaches passes to. Please be respectful to this rule and allow the academy owner and his/her official instructors to use these free passes.

What are You Waiting For?

Go ahead and select a Good Fight tournament above and pre-register TODAY!

Thanks in advance for supporting submission-only jiu-jitsu!

The Good Fight Tournament LLC